Our Dental Services

The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our staff's training, professional credentials and work experience.

Woodland Dental Procedures and Treatments 

Initial Oral Examination

During your first visit, you will receive a thorough oral examination which will be used to detect the presence of decay (cavities), periodontal (gum) disease, oral cancer, and temporal-mandibular dysfunction (jaw joint problems). Any necessary radiographs will be taken to observe those areas in the teeth and jaw that cannot be seen visually. Also, intra-oral photos may be taken.

Dental Implants

We will work with an implant specialist to create an implant for a missing single tooth, missing multiple teeth, or replace a removable appliance.

Teeth Bleaching

We offer a home bleaching system you will take with you for results in 2 weeks.

Crowns and Veneers

You can have a new smile with all-porcelain crowns (empressed material) on the anterior teeth. For the posterior, we use porcelain fused to metal or CEREC.

Fillings: Resin

Tooth-colored fillings that are light cured to match your teeth.  Amalgam: Silver-colored fillings.  Resin fillings are more durable then amalgam fillings.

Root Canals

We perform root canals on anterior and premolar teeth.

Periodontal Treatment

Recommendations for periodontal treatment are determined by the findings of the periodontal examination.  Patients with healthy pocket depths and limited bleeding can be treated with a prophylaxis (routine cleaning) to maintain health and remove unsightly stain and tartar.  Patients with significant pocketing and bleeding gums have an active periodontal infection which will require more comprehensive treatment.  The severity of disease will determine whether the patient can be treated in our office by scaling and root planning (deep scaling with anesthetic) or if the patient needs a referral to a gum specialist for a surgical evaluation.  Upon completion of active periodontal treatment, patients with a history of periodontal disease are best maintained by supportive periodontal visits 3 to 4 times each year.

Mouth Guards

Whether you are an athlete or casual sports participant, you should wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. If you grind your teeth while you sleep, a bite guard will help reduce symptoms of TMJ. We custom make mouth guards in both soft and hard materials.

Removable Dental Prosthesis

For missing teeth, we can make dentures or removable partials for you.