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By James P. Zimmerman D.D.S, F.A.G.D.
April 19, 2021
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Your Woodland, CA, dentist, Dr. James Zimmerman, places dental implants for patients missing teeth. If you are missing a tooth, you don't have to live with that gap in your smile! Dental implants can be life-changing by restoring function to the mouth and completing smiles again.

Dental implants

Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth because they are strong and blend in perfectly with your natural smile. When you have missing teeth, it can cause problems with chewing and speaking, as well as other dental problems because surrounding teeth in the area will shift. It's best to replace missing teeth for the health of your jaw bone, too. When you get a dental implant at our Woodland, CA, practice it strengthens your jaw bone in the area of the missing tooth that would otherwise become compromised.

Dental implants are made from a titanium post that is embedded into the jaw bone and a ceramic crown that sits on top as a replacement tooth. Together they are a strong replacement for a natural tooth. Implants can also replace multiple teeth in the same area with a bridge. Two posts are implanted and a custom crown that looks like multiple teeth, called a bridge, covers the area.

Getting a dental implant

The first step in the process of getting a dental implant is minor surgery to place the implant post. The area is numbed and the titanium post is implanted into your jaw bone. Following this initial surgery, there is a period of several weeks where you heal and your jaw bone fuses to the implant in a process called osseointegration. During this time, you wear a temporary tooth cap and your custom crown is fabricated.

At a final appointment, your permanent crown is placed and you leave with a new tooth! Caring for your dental implant is simple if you keep up a good oral hygiene routine. Brush for two minutes twice a day and floss at least once a day. Make sure you floss in the area of the implant and remove all debris from around the crown. If you grind your teeth at night, your dentist will recommend a nightguard to protect the new crown.

If you are missing teeth, Dr. Zimmerman places dental implants to restore function to the mouth and bring beautiful smiles back! Contact us for an appointment in Woodland, CA, at (530) 661-1155.

By James P. Zimmerman D.D.S, F.A.G.D.
March 11, 2019
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A missing tooth does more than just create a gap in your smile, it can also cause bone atrophy and displace your remaining teeth if left untreated. If you have a gap, your dentist may suggest dental implants, a powerful tooth replacement option which completes your smile Dental Implantsand helps you avoid the risks of an untreated missing tooth. Read below to learn more about dental implants, and contact Dr. James Zimmerman in Woodland, CA, for personal treatment!

How A Dental Implant Works
A dental implant uses three main components to replace your missing tooth: a fixture, an abutment, and a prosthetic tooth. Together, these pieces work together to keep the implant securely and permanently in place. A dentist implants the fixture directly into the jaw, where the bone will grow around it and hold it in place. An abutment is then placed in order to connect the prosthetic tooth to the fixture, after which the entire piece will feel and function as naturally as the rest of your teeth!

Good Candidates for Dental Implants
A good candidate for dental implants must have several qualities:

  • A strong at-home oral care routine to keep their teeth and implants healthy and clean
  • Good overall health
  • Decay-free teeth and healthy gums
  • The ability to undergo the necessary anesthesia
  • Minimal bone atrophy in the area of the implant (Patients with significant bone atrophy may require a bone grafting procedure.)
  • Commitment to seeing their dentist twice a year for preventative examinations and cleanings

Dental Implant Tooth Replacements in Woodland, CA
Leaving a missing tooth untreated can result in some serious issues with your smile. A gap allows the teeth surrounding it to shift. Additionally, a missing tooth causes bone atrophy, which makes the bone under the gap degrade and lose volume. Dental implants help you avoid these issues and keep your smile healthy. To ensure that your implants last a lifetime, follow the American Dental Association’s recommended oral care routine of brushing twice daily, flossing at least once a day, and regularly visiting your dentist for examinations and cleanings.

For more information on dental implants, please contact Dr. James Zimmerman in Woodland, CA. Call (530) 661-1155 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Zimmerman today!

By James P. Zimmerman D.D.S, F.A.G.D.
June 05, 2017
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Are you unhappy with the way you look since you lost a tooth? A dental implant can help you love your smile again. Our Woodland, CA, dental implantsdentist, Dr. James Zimmerman, shares several advantages of dental implants.

Dental implants replace tooth roots

Dental implants are small titanium screws that fill the space vacated by your tooth roots. Placing the implants requires a minor surgical procedure that is usually performed using a local anesthetic. After your implant is dropped in place, it begins to bond to the bone in your jaw. In just a few months, the implant becomes firmly rooted in your jaw.

Implants offer excellent support for crowns

During the last phase of the dental implant process, an artificial crown is connected to your implant in our Woodland office. Your new crown not only restores your full smile but also functions just like your lost tooth. Once it's in place, you can eat anything without a problem. Unlike bridges or dentures which can move if they don't fit well, your crown won't budge, thanks to the secure foundation that implants offer.

Dental implants prevent bone loss

Working out with weights helps keep your leg muscles strong, but it's impossible to exercise your jawbone the same way. Fortunately, your tooth roots handle the job by exerting constant pressure on the bone. After you lose a tooth, the corresponding area of the jawbone no longer receives stimulation and may begin to recede. As the jawbone shrinks, it may cause other teeth to loosen. If you've lost several teeth, shrinking may be more pronounced and can affect your appearance.

Many people in Woodland can benefit from dental implants

Dental implants are an excellent tooth restoration option. You can benefit from them if you've:

  • Lost one or more teeth
  • Are in good health
  • Don't smoke (If you do smoke, it's a good idea to quit before you receive an implant.)
  • Don't have gum disease
  • Have good oral hygiene habits

Adequate jawbone depth is also important. If your bone is shallow, it won't be able to support your jawbone. Luckily, a shallow jawbone doesn't have to prevent you from receiving a dental implant. Adding bone grafts deepens and strengthens the bone, in many cases.

Would you like to find out if you can benefit from dental implants? Call your Woodland, CA, dentist, Dr. Zimmerman, at (530) 661-1155 to make your appointment.

By James P. Zimmerman D.D.S, F.A.G.D.
October 13, 2016
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Learn about dental implants from your Woodland dentist!

Are you considering dental implants but have a few questions about their benefits? Dr. James Zimmerman, your Woodland, CA dentist, dental implantsdiscuses several advantages of this popular tooth replacement option.

Dental implants are a good choice no matter how many teeth you've lost

Versatile implants can replace just one tooth or can be used to restore all of your teeth. Many people prefer implant-support dentures to traditional dentures because implant-supported dentures are actually rooted in your jawbone in several places, unlike dentures that rest on your gums.

Implants are almost like growing a new tooth

Although you can't grow a new tooth, you can replace your tooth from root to crown, thanks to dental implants. Implants consist of three pieces: the implant placed in a hole in your jaw, the crown on top of the implant and the abutment that connects the implant to the crown. Your dental implant takes the place of your roots and provides a stable base for your crown. Because your titanium implant bonds to your jawbone, it doesn't move, slip or irritate your gums. In fact, many people report that implants feel like natural teeth.

Dental implants improve your self-esteem

Losing a tooth can affect the way you feel about your appearance and make you more hesitant to interact with other people. Implants fill that gap in your smile, look no different than your other teeth and offer a big boost to your self-esteem.

Implants can be a less costlier option

The initial cost of dental implants can seem a little expensive, but it's important to also consider the lifetime costs of every tooth replacement option you're considering. While a bridge may be a little less expensive now, keep in mind that bridges eventually wear out. Depending on your age when you receive your bridge, you may need to replace it several times during your life. With proper care, implants are very long-lasting and may even last your entire life.

Dental implants can transform your smile! Call Dr. Zimmerman, your Woodland, CA dentist, at (530) 661-1155 to schedule an appointment to find out if you're a good candidate for dental implants.

By James P. Zimmerman D.D.S ,F.A.G.D.
December 15, 2015
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What Can I Do to Get Back My Smile?

How dental implants can give you back your smile

Have you lost a tooth and wonder how to get back the smile you once had? Dental implants, such as those provided by Dr. James Dental ImplantsZimmerman, of Woodland, California, might be just what you are looking for.

A dental implant is a titanium screw which is placed in the jaw to replace the missing root of your tooth. Titanium is strong, and yet compatible with your bone and tissue, so your body won’t reject it, unlike some other implant materials. In fact, dental implants are the most successful of any surgical implant. A crown is then placed over the titanium “root” to look just like your natural tooth.

You will receive many benefits from dental implants including:

An ability to speak with increased confidence, knowing that nothing will “move around” as sometimes happens with dentures and partials

An ability to chew your food better, improving your digestion and overall health

Greater convenience and a solution to tooth loss that with proper care could last a lifetime

Perhaps the greatest advantage of implants is that they can provide you with a natural, beautiful smile. Unlike removable partials and dentures, implants are the closest to your natural teeth. In addition to replacing a tooth, implants help to maintain the shape of the jawbone, which in turn helps to maintain the youthful look of the face. You will look completely natural and feel better about yourself and the way you look to others.

Implants are a beautiful, permanent solution to tooth loss. You owe it to yourself to look and feel your best, after all, there is only one YOU. So, if you are thinking about implants, give Dr. James Zimmerman, your dentist in Woodland, California, a call today! He can help restore your smile.