The Benefits of CEREC Crowns

Did you know that you no longer have to visit Dr. Zimmerman here at 127 Court Street, Woodland, CA multiple times to get a dental crown?

Dr. James Zimmerman knows your time is precious and that’s why we are constantly working to make sure that the treatments and techniques we use are as fast and efficient as possible. Find out how you can now get a dental crown restoration in just one visit.Crowns
Dr. Zimmerman was one of the first dental offices in Woodland, CA to be able to offer you CEREC crowns right here in the comfort of our office. We can create your restorations right here while you wait. No more sending out to another lab and waiting weeks for them to make your crown while you wait to have your new tooth replaced. While this alone is an amazing benefit for our patients, here are some other benefits you’ll also enjoy when you choose CEREC crowns:

  • CEREC technology eliminates multiple visits to our to get your permanent crown.
  • Getting a same-day crown only takes a little more than an hour (We know your time is important to you.).
  • No need for messy molds and impressions as CEREC technology quickly and easily takes photos of your teeth.
  • You won’t have to wear a temporary crown, which isn’t as strong as permanent crown and can be susceptible to falling off or becoming damaged in the interim.
  • Your crown is created from a thick, durable block of porcelain that is able to withstand wear and tear. You’ll be left with a strong dental restoration that should last you several years.

Have questions about same-day crowns? Want to find out if you are a good candidate? Then call our office at 127 Court St Woodland, CA, 530-661-1155 to schedule an appointment and let us know you are interested in CEREC crowns.