Need a Root Canal?

While many patients dread root canals, they are necessary to maintain a healthy smile. Constant exposure to bacteria and food sometimes leave teeth needing extra help in getting treatment. Dr. James Zimmerman serves the Woodland, CA area and offers root canals to those who need them.

Why you may need a root canal?

Dentists administer root canals when there is an infected nerve root present. This procedure cleans the pulp inside of the tooth so that the inflammation does not spread to other areas of the mouth.

There are several signs to look out for when figuring out if you need a root canal: 

  • Is the site of your tooth always in pain? Does the pain increase as the day passes?
  • Do your gums bleed excessively or leak fluid?
  • Are your gums receding?
  • Does your tooth wobble or otherwise look unstable?
  • Is the tooth discolored?

Infected gums, when left untreated, can spell pain and infection to other teeth. Another reason why you may need a root canal is because of damaged teeth. If you have been in an accident or some other type of injury to the mouth, your dentist may tell you that you need a root canal. This is to preserve the integrity of the teeth that have been damaged.

Although some patients may experience a root canal differently, a root canal is the last choice before removing the tooth altogether. After a while, you will come back so that your dentist can seal your tooth with a crown. Your dentist will work to make sure your crown matches the rest of your teeth as much as possible.

Do not wait until your nerve root pain is unbearable to come to visit Dr. Zimmerman for a root canal. If you are in Woodland, CA, feel free to call us at (530) 661-1155 to make an appointment today.