Halloween can be dangerous to your pearly whites

Actually it's not just Halloween that can be dangerous...the entire holiday season can be. We are busier, more stressed, eat different foods and get less sleep. These things are common during the holiday season but are detrimental to not only our overall health but also our dental health. One of the busiest times of the year for dental emergencies is during the holiday season.

Here are some ways to be careful:

  • Avoid treats that are crunchy such as nuts, chewy such as caramel, or sticky like taffy or extremely hard like peanut brittle. These kinds of treats can compromise crowns, pull out fillings, break teeth, cause damage to other types of dental work.
  • Don't finish off your ice filled drink by chewing on the ice.
  • Make sure after you eat, that you thoroughly brush and floss. Make time for it!
  • If you have your regularly scheduled dental appointment during this time... don't miss it.
  • And, if you experience pain or injury to your teeth make time to call us, so we can take care of it before it ruins your holidays.

We are here for you, so don't let dental emergencies ruin your holiday fun!